Labor Party Chairman Dogu Perinçek be seen in the ECHR Grand Chamber “Perinchek-Swiss Case” appeal hearing will be held on 28 January.

Ergenekon in the prison area, and the Supreme Court’s decision on Perincek who was released after the breach given because of the long detention, judicial control by implementing an exit ban was placed abroad.

To lift the ban on overseas output Perinçek reviewing the applications made by the prompt Istanbul Heavy Penal Court No. 4, lifted the ban.

Thus, the Court may participate in the hearing of the case on appeal on January 28 Perinchek.

ECHR Grand Chamber to be seen “Perinchek-Swiss Case” appeal hearing, the center of Strasbourg, Council of Europe carrying out the work of the Parliamentary Assembly of the ruling and opposition parties members members deputies to the delegation to Turkey, Turkey will follow on behalf of Parliament.

Perinçek, Switzerland 10 years ago removed “which prohibits the denial of the Armenian genocide” after the entry into force of the law had given several conferences going on this country.

Perinçek, speech rejecting the Armenian Genocide was sentenced to prison by the courts because of Switzerland. Thereupon he carries Perinchek subject ECHR.

The Court of December 17, 2013 decision that takes due punishment of Switzerland ruled that Perincek found in human rights violations, Switzerland’s European Court of Human Rights ruled that a violation of Article 10 of the Convention on freedom of expression

Court of appeal made by the Swiss had agreed to be evaluated by the Grand Chamber.

‘Genocide Case’ Perinchek-known Swiss case of the hearing will be held January 28 Armenia and Turkey will also be involved with the government.