Pope-FrancisPope Francis  at the Vatican on April 12, 1915 will be held in memory of the victims of the Armenian Genocide was confirmed to be directed liturgy itself.

Pope Francis the next three months covering program were announced. In a statement from the Vatican, the spiritual leader of February, March and announced the program will participate in the rituals and religious ceremonies in April.

In the last quarter of Strasbourg, Turkey, Sri Lanka and the Pope came up with the outside of his trip to the Philippines, was seen next three months will focus its activities in the Vatican. According to the schedule announced by the Vatican, the Pope appoints 14 new cardinals in February, will manage the inauguration of the new cardinals.

Italy in March and near the historic city of Naples, which will make a visit to Pompeii Pope Francis, the end of March, beginning of April to meet the Easter rituals.

Pope’s Easter mass, as well as to manage the program are also available in person at a ceremony to be held in April with the Armenians on April 12. In the Vatican’s statement on the content of the liturgy will be held in St Peter’s Basilica on 12 April not shared any other details. However, Agos, the Bishop of Milan said rites according to the information we obtain from sources close to the 1915 Armenian Genocide victims will be held in memory.

Pope Francis, the Pope continued during the Buenos Aires purple before selecting which also is known for making statements about the Armenian Genocide. The first description of the liturgical will be held on April 12 at the Vatican in current Buenos Aires Cardinal came from Marion Police. Cardinal Police last year on August 17 in observance of the Armenian Catholic Church, Pope Francis announced in 2015 to commemorate the victims of the Armenian Genocide will hold ceremonies. However, the Vatican had maintained its silence on this issue.

 Source agos