ConstantinopleArmenian Genocide adopted by the beginning of April 24 was commemorated by thousands of people in Istanbul in the 100th. In remembrance of that intense participation in the genocide, as well as diaspora banner red candles in memory of those who lost their lives and red carnations moved.

The walk started in front of Galatasaray High School “face genocide 100th year” moved placard. Some of the Assyrian genocide, which is also known as Seyfo of respondents rated the walk, put unutmabeni flower badge symbolizing the 100th anniversary of the genocide all over the world.

France Konsolosllug ribbon that represents the wish to put in front of the tree and Armenian texts were hanged.

Hrant Dink’s wife Rakel Dink with Sevag Sahin at the memorial ceremony attended by close to Fisherman, 1915 The event was spread on the photographs of those killed. Then throwing carnations üzaer the photo was released around the candle.

‘I have here, 100 years ago, I owe my great-grandmother to come to the mountain’

Time 19.15’t France Consulate beginning of the genocide memorial in front of the first family of the victim Heghnar Watenpaugh said. Watenpaugh, Hıdırbey living in villages and fled with her three children from deportation Moses Mountain refuge Vartan great grandmother told the Kocanyan the story:

“I have my presence here today, a hundred years ago, I owe to my mother’s grandmother came to be a mountain. Her husband was taken to the military force by the Ottoman state, and never came back. Shortly after the government had commanded the evacuation of the village. Inhabitants of the village were collected Hıdırbey to decide how to respond to it. Some villagers have set out in obedience to the order, but short after a while it was realized that a death march out of them, few will survive. Then the mother of 3 children, a young mother and my grandmother came to the mountain stubborn than a few villagers refusing obedience command and surrounding mountains have resisted the Ottoman army. 40 days after resisting a warship belonging to miraculously rescued by allied states. This and Armenians can survive like this anywhere in the refugee camps they go GbR my ancestors, starting from zero back to life in all the cities have established their village always install the craving. Duda, they commemorate their past lives lived in the shadow of their lost stare pomegranate trees. Here I killed today, I’m here to offer my respects to all Armenians resisted and survived. Today we proudly with you here, my grandmother and my grandfather’s name standing tall, I remember our beautiful Armenian language can survive in spite of everything: Sarkis Kit and Vartur kocany that.

Speaking after the AGBU Europe Representative Nicolas Tavyti also the story of the grandmother calls genocide telling confrontation did.

“Do not mention the mutual pain, I expect”

Armenian Genocide Commemoration is the press statement on behalf of members of the Platform Platform Nurcan Kaya studied. Rock that the emphasis face in his speech, genocide 100th anniversary of the hundreds of thousands who were massacred in 1915, the struggle for the realization of the confrontation that conscientious responsibility to the people and said, “This confrontation to endeavor to realize, as a responsibility to perpetuate the memory of the peoples who are torn off our heads. Ensure that the confrontation realization of Hrant Dink ‘E, Sevag fisherman to, Maritsa our debt to Small. owe to our own consciences, “he said. The Rock, “Now for the state; that’s not to mention the pain of mutual condolences, I expect. The sorry. It is an opportunity to confront the 100th anniversary, confront!” urged.