Hrant Dink’s assassination in 8th Year, in many parts of the world as well as in Turkey, Hrant Dink was commemorated. One of them was a memorial service held in Toronto, Canada. The main speaker of the conference, the Dink family lawyer Fethiye Cetin and author, talked about the importance of exposing the shame and guilt of Turkey’s history.

Held at the Armenian Community Centre in Toronto, hosted the Raffi Petrosian his ceremony pianist Lane Beylerian and soprano Lynn Anoush Isnarde voiced by Gomidas compositions “Ando” and “Ani Desna ou Merna I” was sung. During the ceremony, Charlie Hebdo cartoonists who was killed in the assassination of Hrant Dink was also called with.

Reminder and not to forget

Of the Armenian identity grandmother 70 years old, he told specifying said starting Fethiye Cetin, the grandmother survived the age of 9, the Holocaust, although have passed almost 60 years with his family, lived in drawing attention to the importance of not remembering anything about the location, “Turkey’s history after leaving politics and society in this regard print edition, as a useless’ he said.

Cetin, despite this policy minorities ‘other’ was also stressed that they are constantly reminded of how “confidential documents about the past and remember the people picked at for not allowing public access to the past; while also keeping a record of the identity of minorities ‘other’ they are constantly reminds them, “he said.

Cetin, the most important name in the history of crime and how to confront forget noted that Hrant Dink; “Because of the fact that Hrant Dink was not only remembered, but also helped her believe every person it touches. Hrant Dink was killed because he passed the red line drawn by the state, touched taboo. Dink, the hatred towards Armenians were brought from the past into a single visible target. “

Dink, indicating that power is used as the trump of war during the murder trial of 8 years Cetin, “Hrant Dink’s death takes exactly the process I am a Witness. Perpetrator of the murders in Turkey’s history, the instigator can not be found, filled with murder, tried to forget the community. We have over the past this shame, but to leave the future in our hands. I have witnessed this process as a promise to Hrant, I promise that I will search for truth and justice. “