Armenian origin living in Suruc Impairments Iron (54) and Ibrahim Halil Kaya (58) and 60-year-old Kurdish Rights Euphrates, AFAD’ın the location of the camp established by way of Urfa for Kobanêli, Erzurum in 1895 during the Ottoman Sultan 2 Abdulhamid, Erzincan, Malazgirt Sivas, Cizre, Mus like Serhat and exiled from Botan province argued that the camp where about 20 thousand Armenians introduced. Iron and rock, describing what they learned from their parents that brought their ancestors and currently AFAD tent area of ​​the establishment of the city that the term “Wargeh Meza’s” the name of the given and thousands of compatriots here were killed, while the rest is now Kobanê’y Specified in

Abraham began to explain that expressed the great injustice done to the Armenians in the Ottoman period Halil Kaya, “according to the information communicated to us by our parents yurtt whether the Armenians in 1895, was reduced to exile. Starving in the way, those who survived the massacre by Armenians died of thirst in place and they brought, were scattered all over the world. Just like the current Kobani’yi with women, Armenian women were miserable. Cizre, Malazgirt, Mus and Sivas diagnosis deported thousands of Armenians were massacred in Suruc and Urfa. This route is filled with their bones, “he said.

Deminer disrupts the “essence” Wargeh Meza’s’ first kampıdır.getiril as they are all separate convoys of Armenians, were geitiriliy of places without water. Osian village called Xelê şirîf brought thousands of Armenians, the villagers used to water the animals in a pond drinking water by pressing the head of hundreds of drowning were killed there, “he says.