"Every Armenian is a document"

“Every Armenian is a document”

Hrant Dink, as stated, “Every Armenian is a document”; but not necessarily in the document insists he should remind those experienced today simultaneous two separate developments.

President Erdogan Diaspora and Armenia “Our our archive here. How much do you document? “Addressed, seemed chorus of the official discourse. Armenians, of course, does not offer document as an attachment to describe the genocide. Because, as it Hrant Dink stated, “Every Armenian is a document.”

If the document but not necessarily so diretiliy today in simultaneous need to remind experienced two separate developments. The first of these, located in correspondence about the Armenian Genocide in the archives of the Vatican and missionary reports, including the formation of new historical documents come to light.

Raymond Kevorkian still considered masterpieces in the area of ​​’Armenian genocide’ book has also been published in Turkish. Books, regions that are experiencing genocide, towns, villages, one by one in detail, telling the witness. Therefore anyone who wants to see the document too. Are known to look Enough.

Raymond Kevorkian’s ‘Armenian Genocide’ work translates into Turkish Aysen Tashkent Bakeries, rearrangement told the book for two and half years: the difference of this book is in very bare form, to explain everything … Also, given that in terms of detail is very valuable. As the fashion of a man’s disgrace. Every evil there is a surplus, not an end. Now what I read so far, was the transfer of information. In this book, is given wide coverage to testify.

Located in the Vatican archives related to the Armenian Genocide new historical documents, the day comes to light.

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