Fifty years after being kidnapped in those days saw the result of violence largely lost sight of the Gülizar’s daughter entrusted the memories, by Aras Publishing ‘Gülizar’s Black Wedding’ titles were published in Turkish. Gülizar the story has something to say to all of us …

The most involving periods of history is usually marked by the transfer of the official narrative patterns. Often hide the truth, to find grounds for persecution and denial based on testimony focused on the hidden truth behind these words and reveal the human stories. The outbreak of the Russo-Ottoman war of independence rumors and soil loss fear of simultaneous spread the 1877-78 year, and after Istanbul to control the eastern region of the government Kurds began restlessness and fear environment for the Armenian people with the commissioning tribes also, the narrative, 1915, outgoing process image it is a time to ignore. Now this era, for the sake of laments burned, reading through the life story of an extraordinary woman and we have the opportunity to understand. Personally daughter Armenuhi’s story Gülizar penned by Kevony, the fearful power of the region, the Kurdish tribal leader in the person of a young girl abducted fourteen-year-old by Musa Bey, having recorded the history of a community.

Gulizar kpkHuman emotion is one of the most powerful fear, often tried to interpret the opposite pole imprisoned cowardice and courage. However, courage is not to be afraid. Despite the fear of not being able to find other choice but to take action, all fear is fear literally another. Gülizar at work frightened of such a personality all fear.

The chief of the village Khars Miro (Mihran), the most beautiful girl of the family born in the Mush as one of the grandchildren Gülizar, the head of the family tried to avoid taking refuge in Mus Musa Bey persecution as victims of abduction. Musa Bey, have liked to see at a wedding Add to complaints about the girl and her resentment of the local people to be rejected Governor of Bitlis, the information is also one of the forwards Edhem Pasha Miro. Revenge, it’s a Monday night of holy Easter week comes at the most vulnerable time. Musa Bey with 150 men surrounded the house Miron missed Gülizar.

Power of resistance from disaster

This is neither the first nor the last survived the persecution. The fate of the kidnapped daughter of the mostly determined within the framework of death or resignation. Only makes sense the story of Gülizar her this disaster, converting a power struggle perseverance. Musa Bey Hevedig Gülizar’s taken to the house in the village, which is already four wives instead of Mr. Moses, his brother is deemed suitable to Cezahir to. The new name is Fatima and sentenced to life what it deemed appropriate if there is a life to live. Or so it seems.

Gülizar to deliver the news to the family at every opportunity, to produce large power religion, language, name, Armenianship the input to protect the assets in short history. However, further sharpened the nature of persecution against the rebellion needed. Humiliation, beatings, in an environment where numbers threaten the natural part of everyday life in order to understand Musa Bey’s persecution, girl glad of the news of the death the family, they learned that he who is in his hands, “had taken our Death daughter Musa Bey is in the hands had never heard!” Is enough to listen to howl .

Court proceedings opened after the abduction Patriarchate, cautious approach of institutions such as the Armenian National Assembly, the support of the people of Bitlis, the period of the most influential spiritual Hayrig Khırimy the rest of the wing is Gülizar lived at the same time. Gülizar turns like a mirror, everyone sees on his own truth.

Court exam

The result of the efforts of Family Sultan, Bitlis governor Gülizar the court gives the order to go Kurdish Do not brought to court to testify that it is Armenian. This is such an ordeal that no longer Gülizar mother exclaim that Muslims and Kurds, on the other hand will wait for the day to appear in court. He ran to his mother’s arms when the day comes, “Oh! Mom! I am Armenian, Armenian’ll die! “He exclaimed, half the force on the revised clothes tear içlig remain naked. He will say: “I want to return to my home state of my father kidnapped by the Kurds.”

Patriarchal court process, cautious approach of institutions such as the Armenian National Assembly, the support of the people of Bitlis, the period’s most influential spiritual Hayrig Khırimy the rest of the wing is Gülizar lived at the same time. Gülizar turns like a mirror, everyone sees on his own truth.

Resistance until the last breath

Secretary of the Armenian Diocese, priest, Muş-Bitlis deputy of Armenian Dashnak organization managers Kegam Der Garabedyan with married Gülizar, the later years of life lived as a persecution resistance. Because no state to the politics of change. So much so, Mr. Moses will be cleared of all charges, opened a new trial on appeal to be released after one year will be the beginning of Mecca and Hamidie by Sultan Abdülhamid II. After 1915 it is hell.

Literally the last breath, until the land yearning to breathe Gülizar, converting the resistance in the death follows calls out to us: “Kegam, for him in Istanbul, wild land, the land in his heart he died yearning Mus. Me, I’m in the situation did not find consolation. I believe in miracles. For our interference with the holy land, the rest of the Kegam will resist until the day I will take with me to our country. “

‘Gülizar Kara wedding in an article by Situated I Kegam of Gülizar grandson Kevony which also he lack a sense of flowing birds from generation to generation and the struggle against it given has said: “Gülizar, Mus villagers and pilgrims, schools and animation missionaries, freedom fighters , they were dead. Stones died; mountains, plains, rivers, too. They all died, beautiful or tragic deaths, sometimes they die while living. But faith is not dead, because he did not have time to realize and live in us. We are in the tens of thousands dead, our souls and our wills are shaping our views leads, underscores our destiny … “

Kegam Kevonyan the last call can be considered as a last will and testament. “Innocent graves to kavuşmadık think, by the way have not you found the truth will be our mission has ended and will ride Kabila’s neck eyes will be open like a fortune stone.”

One way to discover the truth of the story Gülizar inspiration to everyone, will and faith are granted.

Source: Agaos