IMG_9392Alevis, “against reactionary in education, secular, scientific, educational and democratic life in the mother tongue” slogan held a rally today in Kadikoy. Representatives of organizations critical of the government, has requested the removal of the mandatory religion classes.

Alevi associations and civil society organizations, organized the rally in Kadikoy Pier Square. Thousands rally attended by a large number of well Alevi organizations as HRA, KESK, DISK Education Sen, HDPE, ODP, Community and CHP gave a number of political parties and civil society support organizations among others. Fan group, Markets and Left Front was in the rally.

Rally, Sivas Massacre moved Madımak photographs of intellectuals who lost their lives. Who lost their lives in the resistance and Kobani’yi trip was also referred to the podium.

Flame whirling dervish show began with a speech at the rally representatives of the organization. government’s assimilation policies facing the Alevis as highlighted in the speech he criticized the Alevi workshops.

Implements the decisions of the ECHR

Alevi organizations speaking on behalf of the rally organizers Deputy Chairman of the Bektashi Federation Care Smooth, government monistic you want to edit a mentality in society, he said. Smooth, European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), the implementation of the decisions made regarding the mandatory religion classes call.

Smooth, said in his speech, “We do not want privileges, we want an end to discrimination. The language of the people, regardless of color, we demand equal citizenship rights. We will succeed with it. “

There boycott on February 13

Speaking at the rally, Education Sen Chairman Kamuran Khan, arguing that the government’s decision taken in the Ministry of Education gericileştir 19th Council Meeting against the implementation, said they went on strike on 13 February. Alevi organizations and Education-Sen action will be organized boycott called by teachers to go on strike.