eren keskinnArticle 301 of the Turkish Penal Code came to the fore again after a long time the case Eren Keskin kept silent. We talked on the wall was hit by lawsuits and freedom of expression on the Keskin. 

After 10 years, Article 301 came up for you again, this time you do not dial the cause of fine penalty?

After the massacre in Kurdistan with his father in 2005, Uğur Kaymaz was due to them talk I gave at a conference in Saray. The same thing I said before, I still continue. 12-year-old child is not a new violent murder, I mentioned that Turkey was founded on a huge range of crimes. “Until today, starting from the date of the 1915 Armenian Genocide, a dirty state, we need to face it. Yüzleşmedik of new offenses will come. “I said, and was sued. Previously there were cases, this time with the permission of the Ministry of Justice Sadullah Ergin and was punished. Now, disclosure or provision of translating this type of penalties or fines for being late; but I have my criminal and crime tends to move as I was not converted into fines on the grounds.

State ‘thought crime’ as well as ‘crime’, is a great crime?

Rogue states actually hitting people that do not want to discuss criminal stamp their crime. Murderers, robbers acquitted while, can be a greater crime than to defend their human rights. We went to appeal, we are now waiting for a response from the Supreme Court. We, human rights defenders, they said in the 1990s, is now telling everyone today. We are what we say but it is true to say that we tried at that time. This state has red lines, in their beginning sounds of the Armenian Genocide. Kurdish issue, military occupation in Cyprus, anti-democratic secularism, on issues such as this state does not want anyone to say anything. Worse, there is no difference between the Kemalists and Islamists in this regard. We’ve seen that in the best case Perinçek; They come together, they were a single punch. Because of this built-in perspective, we considered criminal, while the state itself is criminal in the eyes of humanity.

When you do that you tried to speak in 2005, the AKP was the first year. Passed 10 years, freedom of expression and democratization issues in Turkey where it came from?

Of course social struggles, international relations, something is changing thanks to the European Union and social media. I’d be lying if we did not change at all. 10 years ago, no one could not speak of the Armenian Genocide, but has gradually become the talk, we look at the current in the same Kurdish issue but consideration paid, received very little way. I do not blame only the government here. State government has already dirty and guilty state but extremely internalized as an official ideology associated with totalitarian structure. Today in Turkey, right, left the Unionist derives from an understanding of the very few number of people can overcome it. Everyone should question itself. Even those in the human rights movement must question themselves. Leftists, socialists, liberals all yourself “What I demand from the government?” He should ask. There is no demand, or very little, so resist to change state.

Contrary to the State itself has a punishment mechanism that tries to silence. To replace the 301, which is one of the most simple example of ‘demand’ Will it be enough?

Demand will impact course, but I believe that here will be extremely important in international relations. Let me give you an example, the Court ever once even without penalizing Turkey Article 14, the punishment of discrimination. We have seen in the case Perinchek it. “Genocide is not” to say, we are considering the scope of freedom of expression. This point of view, disaster victims are still dragging how the disaster, the interior of racism is that it never takes into account how they fed and strengthened. In terms of human rights should be quashed the decision. steps can be effective at the ECHR; EU countries can exert pressure for democratization, but they do not. Yes demand significant external pressures, but also important. There are a stereotypical structure in Turkey, it is hard to break, but a place to start and you need to break. This start, continue with the arrival of important.

Source: agos news