The students, joined by a number of their comrades from Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon and Bahrain, raised banners and shouted slogans outside the U.N.’s ESCWA building to denounce the Saudi-led coalition airstrikes targeting Houthis in Yemen.

One Yemeni student raised a poster that read “stop the massacre,” while another held up a sign that said “stop the siege.”

Students also raised pictures of the Yemeni flag and shouted slogans expressing rejection of the Saud-led intervention in the country.

The protest comes as at least 37 workers were killed and 80 wounded overnight at a dairy plant in an attack at a port in Yemen, although authorities could not say if the Saudi-led force or Houthi rebels were behind the attack.

Since Friday at least 93 civilians have been killed and 364 wounded in the fighting, the U.N. human rights office said Tuesday.