Parliament’s upper wing of the Senate of the Republic of Italy, and up to three of those who deny the genocide crimes against humanity accepted the offer legislation that year imprisonment. To become law, the bill must pass through the House of Representatives after the President’s approval.

Italy Senate General Assembly opened the discussion on the draft law prepared by the initiative of a group of parliamentarians. Genocide and war crimes by the laws of 1975 concerning crimes against humanity, later amending some provisions of the bill and opened the voting was adopted 234 votes against 3.

Bill coming days, the lower wing of Parliament will be presented to the approval of the House of Representatives, genocide, war and denial publicly of crimes against humanity, for up to 3 years if made in behavior, such as humiliation and trivialisation of imprisonment and predicts 10 thousand euro fine.

Said the only Holocaust

In the edited draft text clearly stated that only the Holocaust, other genocides “genocide against ethnic minorities” are given the generalization.

In Italy, in 2007, prepared a denial law, but sparked controversy on the grounds that it is contrary to freedom of expression.

Deputy Justice Minister Cosimo Ferri, the law of the draft, said that in line with the laws of the Italian and other European countries, and continued: “The law is not to restrict the freedom of expression should be understood as a means to resist the Nazi ideology.”

The PD Senate representative to the Judicial Commission of Giuseppe Lumia, “Our country has opened a new page. denialism is a turning point of a criminal offense. The Holocaust and other genocides denial, as we do, as in many countries will be subject to penalty. Researchers, violate the free exercise of and free thought to impact from hitting, punishing denial of the facts, we have made a very strong choice as technical, “he said.