berge photo roberin son gune 2This is a farewell letter. The date of establishment, so readers since April 1996 the author since 2006, since 2008 employees, I’m leaving I’m Agos editor in chief since 2010. I took over the task of Etyen Mahçupyan Yetvart Danzikyan by delegating to the simple readership of our newspaper, I say hello again.

Labor of Hrant Dink and his friends, dedication, creativity, and I spent as the team captain will Agos he had no patience than five years, from where you look, very instructive, it was a unique experience. I know people at this time, I witnessed the events, our discussion in the editorial, I’d have all the bad with the good, has added a lot to me. Have a place in my heart for all the sweet memories of the pain; I am grateful to life for all of them.

Turkey’s increasingly polarized, regardless of the political environment as Agos pure vengeance sharpening, remove its small, but they represent a major newspaper, said the weight, intellectual coherence, owning intellectual morality is not easy. Depending on the Agos democracy and human rights values, while maintaining the line against discrimination of any kind, to bring up past injustices through peaceful future perspectives; We live in a freer country, trying to contribute to a fairer place to transform the struggle; it is not just Turkey, Armenia diaspora and to make public opinion and also with a way to predict a positive impact on the right to carry out such a multidimensional mission, a heavy responsibility.

Admittedly it, with everything Hrant Dink us the receipt form, this great loss and still bleeding wound many brought about by the destruction caused in the human soul versatile expectations and sometimes ambitions, to be Agos, a serious complicating be Agosta freight. Even January 19, 2007 the people until the date has not received the Agos hand, for publication in a newspaper killed in front of the director of the newspaper how to do this so that the vulgar perhaps, never noticing the “old Agosti – new Agos” which leads to be input to the comparison counting the burden of blame our necks to hyenas, We always try to take a better newspaper, despite any difficulties.

Agos, the day starts today, respects all identity, the existence of each identity and defending until the end of the right to self-improvement, however, particularly the Armenian identity, which is also the issue with all the identity, has maintained a critical line. We endeavor to maintain and deepen this line. We fall into the error was too of course, but believe that we stand in the right place at the main crossroads and I have the peace of mind of labor when I gave my part for it.

Continuity in the institutions and it is essential to change in continuity; feeder and necessary. I said, thinking that their name is also now the time has come to do something new, I decided to leave the chief editor of Agos task with joy and excitement that I walked for five years. They do not lacking moral support during all these years after that decision also thank all the Dink family for their welfare owe. Studies and discussions about who will be the next editor of Agos I’ve walked the hands of the union. Let me tell you it is very clear that we ask in this process, the first name that comes to mind almost all of the people get the idea that we were Danzikyan Yetvart. Agos intensive effort in the first period when he shuffled the pirûpak mortar Jeton, professional experience, the intellectual capacity and coherent, has no doubt will bring the very best place and I wish you success in our newspaper itself.

Agos, since its inception, was a school for many young people. In the period that I directed, did not change this property. I was 32 years old when I was editor in chief and younger than me, we’ve got most of the first professional experience by working side by side with friends who live this newspaper. Together and learn from each other … I want to thank my colleagues for this paper we provide collaborative effort. If Karin Karakaşlı and Ferda Balancer, and colleagues, but also drew a lot of poetry as a friend, they are missing … Ety Mahçupyan, probably politically newspaper, although he knew that I keep in a rather different line from his had the decency to transfer that task to me. Thank you once more for him that lets me this opportunity.

In 2006, I started writing in the corner, for my master’s thesis, now one of the most important literary and political figures of the Ottoman era, lay victim medzi Yegherne Gregory Zohrab’l I wake up to it. ‘Life as’ name is, Zohrab, also published in 1913 by the Ottoman ‘Gianni inçbes v e’ book came from. Herewith, ‘Life as’ find the last corner. Columns allocated to me, I hope I have not filled by the top in a way worthy of this name.

I always take great pleasure in reading William Saroyan’s the name of one story book ‘Do not go, but I herkese’y say hello if you need to go.

Hi everyone …