FullSizeRenderThe beginning of the Armenian Genocide on April 24th has accepted a call from the organization to the Dardanelles called world leaders: ‘Do not be Dardanelles, go to the genocide memorial in Yerevan on 24 April. ” Report Agos

Human Rights Association Racism and the Commission Against Discrimination, Izmir Syrian Friendship, Culture and Solidarity Platform, N Zartonk, www.suryaniler.co Culture Platform and Zana Social Political Economic Research Foundation issued a statement today, President Erdogan, considered the beginning of the Holocaust is that on April 24 world leaders reacted to the call to the Dardanelles.

‘Seyfo’ he noted

Besides the Armenian Genocide of the Assyrians and Greeks in a statement stressed that genocide, Assyrian massacre ‘Seyfo’ he noted:

“Organized in a structured way to destroy the entire social fabric of the Ottoman Armenian community, progress and results to be followed, making the account books of the Armenian Genocide recognition process through the Assyrians were subjected to massacres en masse. Living in the genocide of Armenians and Assyrians as well as the Ottoman Empire, resulted in the destruction of all Christian people, particularly the Greeks. “

‘Disrespectful grandchildren and sacrifice “

The statement ‘of the start date of the destruction is enormous victory celebration administrators to convert memories that degrade the victims of the Holocaust and grandchildren, they refused to show the respect they deserve to die “was expressed.

Signatory örgtü, world leaders’ to disrespect the memory of genocide victims’ ads please ‘he urged.

“We say the government does not recognize the genocide of conscience”

Speaking after the press release of the HRA Vice President Eren Keskin, Egemen Bagis, Deniz Baykal and Suhayl Batum was reminded cases involving Perinçek-Switzerland; “Fighting for the country that we see in this case have come together to hide the Holocaust. All parts of the same Unionist system, “he said.

Many criticized the government’s stance on recognizing the Genocide Sharp distance, we know that the 1915 genocide still openly expressed by many states. But still, we also demand a conscience and we say go to Yerevan is really suffering, “he said.

Izmir Syrian Friendship, and the Culture and Solidarity Platform speaking on behalf Zeynep Tozduman Erdogan, April 24, 2014, in his condolence from criticizing the point where today, ‘We’re in the Izmir region Armenians, we strive for the adoption of the Pontic Greek and Assyrian genocide, continue the effort we will, “he said.